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Women of Color and Spirit is a non profit organization dedicated to the empowerment of women of color using the medicines of our ancient Mothers. We create cultural restorative educational programs to bring a deeper sense  of pride to the communities we serve. We provide one on one support to women and work to be a resource in all things healing, social, spiritual, and economic equity. We also provide support to organizations and institutions to assist them in creating more equitable environments for the women and communities of color they serve. 

Join me in Nigeria August 2021!

Osun festival & cultural heritage tour

This tour is about healing and expanding the consciousness of African heritage women!

All the places we venture are feminine centered and tell our stories of heroism, dedication, spiritual power and creativity.  This tour will also provide you all the luxuries to relax and fully enjoy the experience. 

August 8-18th- A full 10 days of adventure and discovery.

Click on the “Experiences” tab for the full itinerary and to sign up!

If you support the healing of African heritage communities please donate or sponsor someone to have this unique experience!

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Using the beauty and uniqueness of ingenious African spiritual traditions to bring balance and harmony into our lives.

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Osun Festival
Lessons of Harmony through Odu Ifa
West African Goddess Intro

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