It takes a village

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"Socialization ritualizes ideological practices."

Growing up in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Oakland California with a drug addicted parent, I owe all my successes to the village that surrounded me. The village consisted of teachers, relatives, neighbors and healthcare professionals. Women of Color and Spirit understands that minority children are the most vulnerable and impacted by disruptions within their support networks, this leads to devastating outcomes of criminalization, poverty, and mental health challenge. We work with all family members to access the current cultural dynamics and assist in creating a culture to support our children towards positive self identity, healthy curiosity, and an overall growth mindset. 


I am because we are.

Ubuntu Circle of Support for parents of African heritage.

 Donation based

Ubuntu Circle of Support for foster parents of African heritage  children. 

Contact WOC&S for pricing details.

Ubuntu Circle of Support for Multi racial families. 

Contact WOC&S for pricing details. 

During all circles we create safe space. All sessions are confidential. Children are always welcome. Reading materials and other resources are provided to support our parents and families while we are apart. 

Virtual and in person sessions available


This level of support is for the parents and close extended family for a time frame of 4 months or more. This is deeply personalized to your families cultural composition and what goals you have around your family dynamics and overall outcomes. We will meet to access our starting point and create our plan to reach your family goals. This package of support starts at $2,000 for in home assessment over a few days. Weekly meetings throughout our time and multi dimensional support including co creating ritual for psychosocial wellness. Virtual options available.  

Supporting Families of African Heritage is a three part training series designed for organizations and groups who are stakeholders in the Duluth/twin ports community. Each of the three trainings can stand alone to enrich your current training needs. The trainings can be delivered over a three days intensive or spread out over a larger amount of time- preferably completed within 6 days.

These trainings were created for St. Louis County and other surrounding counties in the twin ports area. 

Individual trainings are $3,500.

All three bundled for $9,500. 

Virtual and in person sessions available

Supporting Families of African Heritage Training Series