Nigeria-Osun Festival & Cultural Heritage Tour

About Nigeria
Nigeria is a sovereign Nation of over 250 Ethnic groups and over 500 languages. It consists of 36 States with Abuja as its Capital. It has a population of over 209 million people and is ranked number 1 as the most popular country in Africa to visit!

Osun Festival
The Osun festival is over 700 Years old and honors the Orisa Osun. Osun rules fertility, feminine power, community, spontaneous healing and so much more. The Osun festival usually takes place over 10 days. Each day, rituals and offerings are made for continued protection and prosperity for the town and all the people who attend. You are encouraged to pray for all the things you want to accomplish in life. This festival is attended by thousands worldwide!!

Tour Itinerary
8/8/2021-Depart JFK Airport
8/9/2021-Arrive Lagos Nigeria
tour Osun grove
Visit the home of priestess
Osun festival
Nike arts gallery
Erin Ijeshawaterfall
tour Ile Ife
Queen Moremi Ajasoro

8/15/2021 Back to Lagos Hotel
Lagos tour
Lekki Conservation Center
Nike Arts Gallery
National Museum
Evening Out
Badagry Slave Market Tour
Slave Museum
Kings Palace
Beach Ritual with Olokun
8/18/21-Depart from Lagos Airport
8/19/21-Arrive back to JFK

Cost and Deadlines
Roundtrip Airfare
luxury hotel accommodation’s
Private Transportation
Breakfast and Dinner
Tailored outfit for Osun festival
All Entry Fees
Passport and Visa assistance
Experience of a Lifetime!
$3995 Until May 26th, 2021
$500 non-refundable deposit secures your spot
Payment plan options
Final payment due by 7/15/21
$4200 Regular Price

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